Fan Mail - Retribution - (submitted by Kenneth)

        When I was living in Hawaii, I had the pleasure of meeting John Pitre at an "All Artist Event" at a Wyland Gallery on the North Shore.  


        I was walking through the Artist show rooms, and I was looking at one of his works, and I heard a voice from behind me ask, "What do you think of this piece?"  Thinking it was a consultant trying to get me to buy it, I responded with, "I'm not really fond of it."  I then hear, "Could you tell me why, I'm the artist that painted it."  My head dropped, and I pointed over to a piece that I really did like, and said, "But I LOVE that one!".  He then asked me to explain to him why I didn't like the one, and really liked the other.  He and I talked for a good 30-45 minutes, not going over just the one piece, but every piece in his display area.  He allowed me to have my photo taken with him.  Blew me away.  I still have that photo today.  It actually helped me to get a job as an art consultant when I moved to San Antonio at the now closed Wyland Gallery at the Rivercenter Mall.  

         As of today, I now own a signed and numbered print (Restrictions), and a signed and numbered poster of Focus on Light.  I also have posters of Israel Martyrs, Retribution, Remnant of Power, Domination of Power, and a small open edition of Aumakua and the Ancient Voyagers.  

         In the future, I hope to have more. 



John Pitre Fan for Life